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The purpose of establishment for Arctic Logistics

In increasing of concerns on Arctic research activities

With a growing interest in the influence of global warming, concern for arctic climate and natural phenomenon has also increased. Under these circumstances, research activities in the Arctic by institutes and researchers in Japan has become popular.

Basic problems on Arctic researches

As the research has progressed and begins to be understood, the importance of Arctic research, the complexities of the research in this region and especially the logistics gets more recognition. The difficulty of severe climate conditions and very unique geography, is also complicated a multi-country geopolitical environment in Arctic region that needs to be managed.

From polar research standpoint, Arctic region is different from the Antarctic region. Many countries has an interest in the Arctic. Not only natural conditions but humanities and social conditions also differ depending on the area of the Artic involved.

In such a particular situation, operational policy cannot be centralized. A multidirectional approach will be required. Therefore individual effort on a performance basis will be limited.

The intent of the Arctic Research Logistics Corporation

This corporation was established in order to solve these problems with logistic solutions peculiar to Arctic region.

With the foundation of the organization, experts in research and logistics who have experience in Arctic research and related support have been engaged as part of our team. They wish to make use of their rich experiences and knowledge for the future research and scholarly activity.