Institute of Arctic Observation Support

Our Team’s Experience

Field Research logistic support in Arctic

Mr. Tetsuhide Yamazaki, one of directors of the Arctic Logistics Corp., has participated in field research projects hosted by National Institute of Polar Research, Hokkaido University, and the Research Institute of the Meteorological Agency of Japan since 2008 as shown in Table 1.

Supporting achievements in glacier drilling operation after 1995 is listed in Table2. In both projects, he participated as a logistic support member, engaged in general logistic and as a dog sled operator, station logistic operation and research activities.

Table 1. Logistic support activities

Period Field observation support content
2008, March ~ April Inglefield Land, Greenland, Research in the coastal region
2011,March ~April Melville Island, Canada, Geographic research
2012, June ~ July SIGMA Research Project, Greenland
2013, June ~ August SIGMA Research Project, Greenland
2014, Feb. ~ March Aerosol Observation Project on the sea ice,Greenland

Table 2. Ice drilling operation (Drilling stuff and logistic support)

Period Glacier drilling support content
1995 May ~ June North-east Island, Svalbard
1999 April ~ June North-east Island, Svalbard
2001,May ~ July Mt. Logan, Canada
2002, April ~June Mt. Logan, Canada
2003 July ~ August Altai Mt. Russia
2004 May ~ June McCall Glacier Drilling Project, Alaska
2004 ~ 2006 46th Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (Dome Fuji Deep Drilling Project)
2006 August Mount Ichinsky Glacier Drilling Investigation Project, Kamchatka
2015 May ~ June SIGMA Glacier Drilling Project, North-west Greenland
2015 May ~ June Ice Sheet Drilling Project, South-east Greenland Ice Sheet

Transportation support

Transportation support

The motto of Trans India Corp., which our boarding chairperson used to manage, is: “Always seek unexplored transportation area, seize a chance and welcome a challenge”. This spirit is passed to our organization.

Recently, it is said that global warming has a large influence over the decrease in sea ice in Arctic sea during summer months. In summer, voyage without support by ice breaker becomes available in a part of Arctic sea. As a result, there is increased interest in the development of new shipping channels in Arctic sea.

After 2008, we have focused our attention on the changing environment surrounding Arctic. After field surveys and repeated meetings, we have established a pipeline for materials from Japan to Arctic area in a limited way.

We have, for contribution to specific science in polar region, endeavored to establish a system of transport of the ice core samples which needs temperature management.

As part of the development of transportation to polar region, we work in collaboration with local transportation companies.

Recent activities
  • 2008~2009 Transportation of research materials to operational regions by Twin Otter plane
  • 2010 & 2011, July Participated in a voyage to the North Pole for the inspection of sea ice conditions in the Arctic sea
  • 2015, August Container transportation, including dog food, by ship through the Star Navigation Co. operation to Siorapaluk, North-west Greenland

Negotiation with related organization, collaboration with local people

Negotiation with related organization, collaboration with local people

We have always maintained contact with local people (Eskimo and Inuit), keeping good relationships with them and trying to get a full picture of the local situation and changes of natural conditions.

For smooth arrangements of research vessel (motor boat), keeping a good relationship with local people as a good business partner is necessary.

We try to get useful know-how for improved safety and solid security control and the understanding of local natural condition; especially collapsing facilities by blizzard and physical dameging in crevasse and in the sea ice area.

In addition, protections against the dangers of polar bears in Greenland, Canada, Svalbard are very important issues. The need of new technical support will be required.